2004 – PRESENT

images reduced to thumbnails collected from unknown sources recontextualized and presented as new

this weekly process abandons structured content favoring random words and current topics

content collaged from Google image searches to create evolving “new” content search results specific to that day and time changing as image popularity is processed and reprocessed

these collages are snapshots of a moment in time the evolution of what words mean and a personal process of visual exploration

Throughout a distinguished 20+ year career, Lindsay Gravette has been the catalyst behind creating brand systems for a versatile mix of organizations, from startups to global corporations and cultural institutions. Notable projects include the branding of eBay, the Game Developers Conference, and the New York Philharmonic.

His professional journey includes roles at renowned creative studios IDEO and MetaDesign, with a significant portion of his career spent honing his craft within their personal studio, elbow®. In his latest endeavor, he is a partner and creative director at BOND.

With a discerning focus on branding systems, his expertise lies in crafting identities that provoke thought and challenge organizations to contemplate their essence—questioning who they are, what defines them, and why. In his philosophy, brands should be rooted in concepts and ideas, transcending the realm of mere aesthetic appeal—but he’s still an aesthetically committed designer.

Residing in San Francisco’s Dogpatch neighborhood alongside his wife and three lazy cats, he devotes his time to creating collage art and electroacoustic music composition.

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