Images have been reduced to thumbnails, collected from unknown sources, recontextualized, and presented as new. This weekly process abandons structured content in favor of random words and current topics. Content is pulled from Google image searches and collaged together to create an evolving piece of “new” content. Search results are specific to that day and time, changing as image popularity is processed and reprocessed. These collages are snapshots of a moment in time, the evolution of what words mean, and a personal process of visual exploration.
20200618 Violence
Violence erupts from silence.

20200615 Silence
Silence is inert.

20200607 BLM
Black Lives Matter
20200528 Fantastical
The final(ish) version of a record label logotype by a friend came from old Rush album cover typography. “Fantastical” defines that style of cover for me.

20200524 Palm
Gogo and I were chatting on video showing what the weather was like between London and San Francisco when she commented on the palm tree in front of our house. She missed seeing them and living in California.

20200518 Peephole
Random word.

20200512 Gem Spa
A New Yorker article on the closing of a beloved and historic corner market in Washington Square due to COVID-19 got to me.

20200506 Florian Schneider
Thanks for the music. Thanks for the inspiration. Thanks for everything.

20200504 Good Morning
Good Morning by Yasujirō Ozu keeps popping into my mind during these dark days and it makes me feel lighter.
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